Many countries and cultures influence our design service to house builders, developers and interior designers. Traditional English oaks, communal societies such as the “Shakers”, the Italian display of style and the American’s desire for large appliances, all inspire our individual made to measure schemes. With over 25 years experience in the kitchen industry we have learnt to maximise the available space whilst keeping function uppermost in our minds.

  • Flexible

    The flexibility of our products means we are confident that whatever shape room you have, we can create innovative layouts within your budgetary constraints.

  • Variety

    We offer a variety of quality rigid kitchens, appliances and accessories, taking into account the market trends whilst searching for future ones! Using our Computer Aided Design System, we will prepare detailed drawings, three-dimensional views and quotations from your architect’s drawings.

  • Assist Us

    Please assist us by supplying 1:50 scale layouts with details of plumbing oulets, boiler positions etc. Whether you are looking for the complete built in look, or a freestanding more
    commercial appearance let us put the pieces together for you.

  • Design

    Having designed the kitchen, we can now provide an installation service using experienced tradesmen. We will provide detailed drawings and advise on location of plumbing and electrical supplies. The correct
    positioning of these services can speed installation when completed prior to our work commencing.

  • Installation

    By constantly monitoring your build programme we will deliver to site only as required to avoid possible damage to the kitchen. Templating of solid surfaces such as granite follows after initial cabinet installation and is fitted within 7-10 days. Vulnerable appliances can then be installed prior to your purchaser/client’s occupation. Final connection to provided electrical supplies of appliances in our schedule is our standard practice.